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Here is a round-up of the latest HoloNet Headlines that have broken out in the past few days:


A Naval Academy recruit was killed in a live fire exercise in the space around Abrea.

The institution’s in-house training squadron known as “Sting Squadron” were practising flight v flight combat tactics when a malfunction caused one pilots shields to fail.

He was being pursued by an “attacker” at the time. The other recruit fired upon the stricken craft without realising what was going on, and the TIE fighter was destroyed, killing the pilot.

The pilot has been identified as Theo Wallace, a 22-year-old man from Tadath. His father expressed his sorrow in a press interview earlier today, but did not lay the blame on the Academy.

Naval High Command has commented that they will be launching an investigation into the matter as soon as possible.


The Provisional Government in the Rheagent system is considering a blanket ban on weapons within the Asve, the Capital city of the world of Cepany.

Crime involving weapons are at an all time high within the capital, officials warned, and they feel that a ban would help clamp down on the troubles.

Armed robbery and murder have the highest crime rates in the capital. Last week an inspector from the PGR was shot outside of the Administration building, which instigated this call for a ban.

Only the local Stormtrooper detachment – the 33rd Cepany “Creepers” – would be allowed to bear arms.

Protests have been held across the city, with protesters claiming that every citizen deserves the right to bear arms, especially in such an unstable environment.

The issue is currently being debated in the courts, and a ruling is expected within the next few days.


A new virus has swept through the ranks of the Stormtooper Corps on Tadath.

While the virus is not lethal to humans, Twi’lekks have proven to be susceptible to the mutation, along with Zabracks.

No-one has yet died, however infected species have come down with severe colds, and in some cases bowel disorders.

Health and Safety officials have called for an immediate inspection of the facilities, and Doctors are working hard on finding a cure for the outbreak.

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