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The Force Unleashed

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There is a new game coming for the Xbox 360 called The Force Unleashed. As some of us may know, the game takes place before A New Hope, and after Revenge of the Sith. The Main Protagonist is Darth Vader’s Secret Apprentice (Currently Unnamed) as Vaders secret apprentice you do tasks for him, and you progress through your training.

The thing about this new Apprentice is, the training is different. They’re calling him a Force Wrecking Ball, he is what would have happened if Luke had joined with Vader. They took Luke and reversed him practically every way and got this Secret Apprentice. Throughout the game you are accompanied by at least 2 characters, they are not in your party, but you will interact with them. They are Juno Eclipse (Your Pilot and possible Lover) and Proxy (Your run of the mill fun, adventure loving, State of the Art droid that can use holograms to cloak himself)

Throughout the game you visit exotic locations like Kashyyyk, Raxus Prime, Felucia, and a TIE Construction Facility. We all know what these locations are, so they don’t need an explanation, but maybe two possible antagonists do. These antagonists are Shaak Ti and Maris Brood. Shaak Ti, as we all know, is a famous Clone Wars Era Jedi, throughout the entire game you try and hunt her down (along with other Jedi) and kill her. Maris Brood is another Jedi, though not fully trained, who you will come across and meet. Not sure if you succeed in killing either of them, but I’m sure we’ll all have fun experiencing the hunt.

This game also is using a new way of programming Physics into the game. Wood splinters, instead of always breaking the same, metal dents like metal, everything breaks the way it should. Also the AI is much smarter, Stormtroopers try to survive instead of throw themselves at you wave after wave and not change at all. They adapt.

The game comes out in the Spring of 2008. Can’t wait for it.

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