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Friendly Competition

December 09th, 2007 | Category: News

In the last week, the Vast Empire Imperial Navy’s Star Fighter Squadrons have begun something new. A competition, titled Last Man Standing had begun. This competition involves three types of stories; Last Man Standing Stories, Squadron Stories, and Personal Stories. The Squadron Story is whatever story their squadron is currently in, counting for One and a Half Points. The Personal Story, a side story about a character or the adventure of characters, counts for one point. The Last Man Standing Story, so far the most interesting of the three story types, places the pilots in a non-winnable situation. In the situation;  while the pilots are out in space, with the First Vast Imperial Fleet, doing flight maneuvers they are interrupted by a massive New Republic Fleet that jumps in and gives no mercy attacking all Vast Empire Targets in the system. Both squadrons scramble to regroup and attempt to survive while they watch their fleet burn. Even the power of the Modified Super Star Destroyer ‘Atrus’ could not stand up to the power and numbers of the New Republic fleet, and floats in space disabled.

Each squadron has taken a different approach to survival. Viper Squadron, the “Captain’s Own” has been surviving while capital ships burn along side them. Now with the arrival of an Allied Carrack Cruiser, three of their fighters broke off and are attempting to defend the Atrus. While in Nazgul, the situation is a little different. They have been doing their story, but keeping track of friendly targets alive and dead, along with hostiles alive and dead.

As for the scoring area of this competition, it is a tough fight going back and fourth between which squadron is in the lead; sometimes even, it is close to ties. The current score, at the time of writing this article, is Ninety-Nine points for viper and seventy points for Nazgul. They are both very active in their stories, but with active members, come the exact opposite. Non-active member does also play a role in the story. Once a pilot is selected to be “killed” in the Last man-standing story, they have twenty-four hours to “write their death”. Once they are eliminated, they can only post on their squadron’s story and personal stories. Both squadrons have begun to take losses in pilots, but their resolve will keep them going in the competition. The rewards are too great to lose. The rewards for taking the win are what everyone has been waiting for. The chance to upgrade their fighter craft. From the junky, TIE fighter, to a newer fighter selected by the VEN-HC.

No date is set yet for when the competition ends, but also no definite winner can be determined. It will all come down to the last few points before the end.

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