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The Clone Wars Movie: A Shattered Hope, or Star Wars Strikes Back?

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars is the latest of the Saga, fitting in between Episode II and Episode III. And truth be told, it had a huge name to live up to. Did it? Well, I can’t speak for everyone, but it didn’t quite live up to my expectations (although that didn’t stop me from seeing it four times on day one… and I’m not a virgin… I swear). I’ll sway from spoilers incase anyone hasn’t had the chance to see the movie and wants to figure out if it’s even worth watching…

The Darkside

  • Story plot… although it’s not really bad at all, it just doesn’t have the appeal that came from the six Episodes… It lacked the… epicness of the Death Stars, and somehow managed to lose the massiveness of the clone force that we saw in Episode II and III.
  • The musical score… Perhaps its just me, but the music played a huge role in the success of Star Wars. Without the Imperial March, the Empire loses our fascination. Without Duel of the Fates, the lightsaber duel of Anakin and Obi-Wan is just a clash of sabers… And in Clone Wars… I haven’t heard a single new piece that wow’ed me. The music fits, but that’s about it. Electric guitars and the like… just isn’t Star Wars
  • The comedy… seemed cheap. Overusage of the droid humor from Episode I was far too common. I don’t mind a cheap laugh once in a while, but if it’s all the humor that’s there, it just doesn’t appeal… and some of it is too predicable… where’s the ‘who’s scruffy looking?’ type humor? Droids can only fall from heights so many times before it becomes a groaner. And at one point, a droid can’t even get the numbers right that another droid tells him… And I thought they were connected to the same ‘core-system’ … I dunno why they even speak to eachother >.
  • Dialogue… I was expecting… more.. even if the movie was aimed at kids…
  • The opening crawl… (take a deep breath) … nonexistent… Instead we have a voice getting us up to speed with the events of the Galaxy… ruining a defining opening moment…

But not all is lost! Here’s the Lightside

  • It’s Star Wars…. Let’s face it, it brings out the kid in you. The saga continues, it hasn’t died out at all, and that brings joy to all of us here.
  • Action… You’ll find more than plenty of this, and the animated format gives you some things that you might not dream of seeing in a live-action movie of Star Wars.
  • Characters…
    • You’ll come to love Ahsoka, or your heart has turned hard. She might make you skeptical at first, but she’ll win you over just as she wins Anakin over. She’s still annoying to a point I’ll admit, but I think how she was introduced was below par, and the voice acting left much to be desired. Hopefully in the future they’ll work with her much better than they did here.
    • As for Ani, he seems much more mature than in any of the prequels,a breath of fresh air there. And although the character development doesn’t come up to par with the rest of the movies, I couldn’t really find fault with it at all…
  • Jaw droppers… There’s only one that truly stands out, and to be honest, nothing can compare to “Luke, I am your Father” so I’m going to be fair and not judge it on an impossible scale… so expect a surprise when you see an AT-TE transport after they get off the first planet and onto another… anything else would ruin the surprise… Of course it could have been done better, but that doesn’t make it less of a jaw-dropper.
  • No Jar-Jar or any Gungans for that matter… ’nuff said.
  • It’s Star Wars… It bears repeating.
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