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Biological Experiment goes wrong on Science R&D Platform, Vectra System

August 12th, 2008 | Category: Star Wars Role Playing

Earlier this morning, Naval High Command released a statement confirming the rumors that there was an incident aboard a Naval Research and Development Platform within the Vectra System. The incident resulted in the quarantine of the section of the system, along with the eventual destruction of the platform. While Naval High Command declined to give a statement for the Vast Empire Today, a surviving over-watch guard from the platform accepted our offer. He had this to say,


“It started out like any regular day, the higher-ups of the platform were conduction experiments on fighters, pilot gear, weaponry, and medical equipment. It was looking as though it would be normal throughout the day, no major tests or experiment going on. There was one experiment in the medical field, one that damned us all.” The guard said during the interview.


“They were trying to create a system that would put the pilot and the medical droid in a linked form, one that would allow the pilot to fly the craft, and an onboard medical droid to immediately assess, determine, and treat and ailment. They had a few volunteers to test it on, a few brave pilots, none of them are alive right now. The pilots went into a simulator, to fight against each other during the test, up to that point, nothing looked wrong … nothing at all.” The man said during the interview, as he said it though, he got tense.


“The pilots started the simulation, no problem … until the first shots were fired.  Then all hell began to rise. The Pilot’s adrenaline began to go up, and it kept going up. It got to the point where the medical droid began to think it was a ailment and began to pump stuff into him to make it go away. Each of the pilots had this happen to them. The stuff the droids pumped stopped the adrenaline … and each pilot’s heart. They all died, or so we though. After their hearts stopped, the droids went insane, trying everything to revive them. The droids began to mix combinations of chemicals together in a vain effort to revive them. It worked, but horribly failed. All six of the pilots rose back up, but the monitors showed no heart beats, and limited brain waves. They were dead… but alive.” He said and then stopped, and stood up. “That’s all I know. They put the section of the platform into lockdown after that; Moved up all away, and eventually to shuttles and escape pods.”


To continue this story, recently lowered from the highest classified levels is are the incident reports from the platform. It shows vague information as to the events that happened, but explains the story a bit as well. As per the documents, after they moved everyone away, two doctors approached the once dead pilots, they stood near them, trying to get a reaction from them. Then, almost instantly, they did. As if it was instinct, one of the pilots bit into the doctor’s arm, taking a small chunk with him. The remaining guards opened fire onto the pilot who attacked. It took over 30 rounds to put him down. The injured doctor was rushed out of the area, where later a plague spread like an infection across areas of the base, first the simulator room, then the medical room where the doctor was, then after that the surrounding halls. People apparently died and rose up as reanimated corpses. VEN-HC sent out rescue craft, and evacuated the non-infected survivors. Once the survivors were rescued, the platform was destroyed, and all chunks of it were decimated to destroy all signs of the infection. Within the next weeks, VEN-HC is expected to declassify the names of the personnel lost on the platform from this incident. To which the VET will make a report to, when it happens.

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