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Stylish Wiki, Stylish Character

July 30th, 2007 | Category: VE Wiki

HavenĂ¢â‚¬â„¢t created your characterĂ¢â‚¬â„¢s wiki page yet? Or perhaps it looks so bland compared to others that you tend to ignore it, hoping that people donĂ¢â‚¬â„¢t visit it much? No matter what your situatution, this article is designed to spice up your character’s wiki page!

Step One – Create a Page

If you already created your character’s page, you can skip this part. If you have not, then this is where you should begin. Creating a page is very easy, you simply use the search box on the left side of your screen:

Search boxIn this box, type your character’s callsign. For example, Riqimo is my callsign, so I put ‘Riqimo’ in the box. Then you can either press ‘enter’ or click the ‘Go’ button. (Note: Search will not allow you to create a page.

If the page genuinely does not exist, then you should see something similar to:

Does not exist
To start working on your page, click ‘create an article with this title’ and get right to editing.

Step Two – The Basics

Before anything else starts, you should be aware of the basics of wiki editing:

Making an Internal Link
An internal link is a link that takes a user to another page within the wiki site. To create one, simply put double square brackets arounf the text you wish to be an interal link. For example: [[Eclipse]] will display as a link to the wiki page ‘Eclipse’

Making an External Link
An external link is a link that takes the user to a page outside of the wiki, it is created with a single square bracket in the form: [http://link TEXT] You start with the opening bracket, then type or paste the link then you type a space before typing the text that you wish to be displayed as the link in the wiki article.

[ Something Here] is a link that will display as ‘Something Here’ and when clicked will take a user to (Note: You MUST include the ‘http://’ part of the link)

Making Bold Text
You have two options to make your text bold, you can use normal html codes: Bold Text
Or you may opt for the special method on the wiki, surrounding your bold text with three apostrophes on both sides: ”’Bold Text”’

Making Italic Text
There are also two options, firstly html: Italic Text
Or yet another wiki code, this time using only two apostrophes on both sides: ”Italic Text

Step Three – Standard Template Useage

Every character page should employ the ever useful Player Character Template. Mine for example is shown here: Riqimo Player Template

This is using the Male Player Character Template, alternatively there is a Female Character Template, and the much more bland normal Player Character Template that most ordinary people use. Needless to say, the normal one has less options for your character.

To insert a template into your wiki page, use the following code:

{{Template Name|

For the one shown at right, I used this code:

{{Male Player Character|
division=[[Stormtrooper Corps]]|
rank=[[Army Ranks#Enlisted Ranks|Sergeant]]|
name=Riqimo Pershaw|
nick=Doc, Riq, Riqqi|
weight=96 lbs.|
species=[ Human]|
age= 25|
hair=Light Brown|
facial= Trimmed Goatee|
skin = Well Tanned|

Step Four – Organization

Make your page Easier to read! Divide it into logical sections by using the easy use headers.

To make a header, you simply put equal signs (=) around the header name. Preference is to start with 2 equal signs on each side as the main headers and divide those into subheaders by adding another equal sign to both sides for further organization.


==Main Headers==

===Sub Header===

====Sub Sub Header====

===Sub Header===

==Main Header==

===Sub Header===

And so on… you can see a nice example of headers used at my wiki page.

Step Five – Images

Inserting Images is made simple with two templates to choose from, one that will right align:

image=Image Link|
topic=Image Title|

And one that will left align:

image=Image Link|
topic=Image Title|

Step Six – Tables

Tables allow you to organize complex data into an easy to read format. They are also fairly easy to make!

{| cellpadding=”2″ cellspacing=”0″ border=”1″
! Column 1 Title !! Column 2 Title !! Column 3 Title !! Column 4 Title
|A1 || A2 || A3 || A4
|B1 || B2 || B3 || B4
|C1 || C2 || C3 || C4
|D1 || D2 || D3 || D4

You are not limited to a 4×4 table, you can make tables inside tables, 1×1 tables, and extremely large tables holding tons of data.

Step Seven – Making Your Page Accessible

Although these are only recommendations, they make your page so much easier for others to find and use. They require little effort on your part and can go a long way.

If you are an Stormtrooper Corps Soldier, then you will wish to have your name shown here. At the bottom of your wiki page, add the code for that:


Alternatively, if you are on the Navy side of things, you will want to be here by adding this code:


You can also share your wiki page through your comnet signature. I suggest linking your name in the ID line directly to your wiki page.

Step Ziltch – Unable to Do It?

Riqimo will be more than willing to help you set up your wiki page, just send him a comnet message asking for assisstance.

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