Jul 28

Epsilon Experiences Rebellion, again.

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Recent military conflicts on Epsilon Major, the most populous planet in the system, have shortened the supply of precious ores and food to the Vast Empire’s most remote systems. The military conflicts were sparked by local militia, citing a lack of aid on the planet, when they attacked Epsilon Major’s capitol building. The capitol building was designated a “complete loss” by the Epsilon’s National Guard, and the National Guard have begun a manhunt for those militia leaders. A gift of 200,000 Imperial Credits has been offered to anyone that has valuable information pertaining to these leaders. For more information, tune into your local HoloNet channels.

The National Guard has also been drawn to three other cities on Epsilon Major—Dreavdea, Rowhand, and Crete—to quell similar uprisings. The situation in Dreavdea is by far the worst case scenario, with ¾ of the city engulfed in extreme amounts of violence, and the other ¼ being controlled by the government. An estimated thirty people have been killed so far in the uprisings. Rowhand and Crete are both split down the middle: the National Guard holding half the city, and the local forces the other. Governor-General Thessaly voiced his anger to a gathering of all military and administrative ministers in the city of Sealth, the make-shift capitol.

”Greetings everyone—I come to you bearing grave news about the violence that has engulfed the planet, being sparked by petty criminals around the country in an effort to secure more welfare and funding for the un-employed—which is already at a record high! *applause* While these leaders have been gathering their rogue, violent forces around our planet, we have been organizing a strong counteroffensive to these rebels, and we will crush their resolve until every last one of them is jailed for their crimes against humanity.”
—Governor-General Thessaly

Thessaly was flanked by his most senior government officials: Minister of Trade Jones, Minister of Defense Shanter, and the Vast Empire Liaison Officer Jackson Pierce. His speech was widely mocked by the rebel forces, but soon after the speech started rolling around the planet, so did tanks and allied forces moving into cities that had been entrenched in rebel combat. The National Guard recorded thirty seven skirmishes, all of them coming out in their favor, and also reported a minimal loss of four troops, while vanquishing three hundred and eleven rebels.

Minister of Trade Jones, who had been the most widely chastised figure in this whole scene, spoke to the Vast Empire Today recently about these military conflicts and how it was affecting trade around Epsilon Major and the Vast Empire’s outer ring. He said “This entire ordeal is regular troublemakers doing it on a national scale, and doing it violently. The precious minerals and food sources that we produced on this planet day-in and day-out seemed to have been lost on these rebels, and those resources pay for the oil, the sweat, and the ships that we fly daily on Epsilon Major. They just threw that down the gutter, and now we’ll have to shut down major parts of Epsilon’s inhabitants lives—mass transportation, roadways, we’ll have to add screening checkpoints for space travel, and we’ll have to minimize our losses in the home sector by cutting our sales in half to feed the people here on Epsilon.”

Minister Jones was relieved of his post later that day by former-Commander James Michel, Michel is expected to be inaugurated later today.

Zhar Bacredi is reporting from the Epsilon System, and has been doing research on the system for over a month and a half now. He has been given all access to the Epsilon System’s Board of Governors and most of Epsilon Major’s Ministers.

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