Jul 26

Meteor Shower Occurs Near Tadath

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Tadath, Sian System

Last night, millions gathered to watch the spectacle of the meteor shower that passed near Tadath. The meteor shower began at 00:17, Galactic Standard Time, and ended at approximately 00:21. Many Tadath citizens brought their holocams, insuring that this moment would never be forgotten. And a spectacle the shower was, the oohs and the aahs of the crowd lingered long after the meteor shower had ended.

Only a few of the meteors were able to withstand the heat of re-entry, causing minimal damage to Tadath’s cities and towns. Most of the meteors that entered Tadath’s atmosphere landed in the mountains and fields. Emergency crews immediately responded to the fallen meteors and various scientists are examining the meteors.

The meteors that did not fall on Tadath did impact on Nordriss.  The impacts had very little affect on the gas giant.

Overall, the meteor shower was a sight to see and something people will remember for a long time. And you can see the footage on any amateur holovid channel throughout the galaxy.

-Paffa Duffits

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