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HIMS Unrepentant Vanishes-Second Such Incident in Two Weeks

November 14th, 2008 | Category: News,Star Wars,Star Wars Role Playing,VE Today

HIMS Unrepentant Vanishes on Routine Escort Mission 

At 03:12 Galactic Standard Time, the Naval Public Relations office released an official statement stating that the Imperial-II Star Destroyer Unrepentant had failed to report in while the cruiser was escorting a convoy of transports to Tadeth, the second such incident in two weeks. After the as of yet unexplained disappearance of the Imperial-I Star Destroyer Krayth Dragon, some claim that a faction is deliberately targeting Imperial ships. Officials urge family members of the crew not to panic, stressing the possibility that the loss of contact is due to a communications network malfunction.

Under the command of Captain Dregson Ferdis, the Unrepentant normally serves as part of the Tadeth defensive fleet, but was reassigned to temporary escort duty three weeks ago due to heighened Republic activity near Imperial hyperspace lanes. Ferdis first joined the Vast Imperial Navy four years ago after defecting from the Republic and served with distinction in the Sixth Fleet before being reassigned.

Admiral Reglan Sarn replied to our holo-call with the following:

“Panic is counter-productive and uncalled for. Transmitter malfunctions are not unknown, and this sort of thing has happened before. I’m sure the Unrepentant will report in soon enough once they’ve fixed the defective equipment. Again, it’s probably nothing serious.”

A complete failure of primary and backup broadcasting equipment on a standard Imperial-II Star Destroyer has a 1 out of 323,000 chance of occurring on any given flight. The Unrepentant and its convoy are expected to arrive in the Tadeth system in approximately three standard hours. (HP)

OOC: Inspired by Deritosuwn’s “The Mericlo”.


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