Sep 17

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

The sound of a plastic bag is heard as  a copy of  Star Wars The force Unleashed is taken out of  a bag and then opened. A shiny new game, one that was expected for many months as fans  all around waited for Gamestop to sell the game right as the clock hit midnight. For months people have seen the clips on the famus site Youtube. Watching as the game was taken to new heights sense the hits of Knights of the Old repbublic.



As the game starts there is the classic three paragraph synopsis that has forevr been etched into memory for those who love the  Star Wars saga. Right off, the start of the game starts off with a bang. Playing as Darth Vader you take control and head to the wookie homeworld where you confront one of the last few remaining Jedi. It’s there were the story turns and the futrue starts. The start of the beggining of the end.





Now I won’t blow the whole game. That would be unfair for those who have yet to start playing it. It’s not a  very long game with a play time of about nine hours. Yet the player has the option to go lightside or darkside, giving the player two seperat endings. Going lightside is the actual ending that leads up to the orginal movies made in the sevinties and eighties. In actuality, you have a total of 18 hours of play. Yet who can tire themselves flinging stormtroopers off catwalks or slamming them into the floor and bulkheads?


 The game itself has a very good storyline overall.  There are secrets to match and puzzle sections. It has a god of war feeling  when the player kills the enemy as the  lifeforce comes back to the player and keeps them from dying.  One of the few things that are difficult as I found out is jumping across  broken bridges and other falls that lead to death.


All in all the game is worth buying. The graphics are beyond what I had expected. If you play it with the xbox 360 I recomend that. The Wii version  is a bit difrent as you have the whole experience difrent with using the other controllers.  Force Unleashed is really what the title is. I highly recommend this game to everyone. If only to try it once.  Those that don’t have this game and have thre Xbox 360 and have Live; You can download the free demo and check it out. The power of the Force is truly Unleashed with this game…..

2251606242_b0b8389945.jpg   (Creators of TFU)




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