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Star Wars Clone Wars – Augest 15 2008

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 Well for what its worth Lucas seems to  keep changing his mind.  It was told  after Revenge of the Sith that  it was the last movie. Then we had gotten the cartoon tv shows of clone wars. Taking place right before Revenge. Now we have more! Another movie – Clone Wars: The Clone Wars- Once more. Yet this time it will be done in CGI and will be a two hour movie before eventually being broken up and placed as a tv show for cartoon network.



It came as a suprise. Or should it?  That  sense the cartoon  became such a hit that a new  set was made. CGI becomming more and more part of our movies it only makes sense. With the eventual Live action TV series heading out in the near future, Star Wars will continue to live on. In this movie we  will get to see not only the older heros and villians but also  new characters. Such as Anakin’s Padwan Learner named Ahsoka. Thus far the cast  of the movie is  Anthony Daniels (C3PO), and  Matthew Wood (General Grievous)  and is directed by Dave Filoni.starwarstheclonewars-1.jpg


So as any Star wars fan I  can say this will be one summer movie I will not miss at all. Hopefully, many of you all enjoy it too and lets hope the CGI does it’s magic and  pulls the watchers directly in to the heart of Star wars once again on the Big Screen!




Pictures are taken from Fandago

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