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Star Wars Secrets!

June 13th, 2007 | Category: Star Wars

During the making of the three Star Wars films a few slips, cock-ups, and tricks made it into the films. Next time you’re watching any of the films, look out for the following.


  • Cut and Droid
    When Artoo first gets put into the Jawa’s Sandcrawler he looks around at the array of creatures there with him. Look carefully as he turns and actor Kenny Bakers face can be seen inside the bubble on Artoo’s head.
  • C-3PO robot self-abuse
    On Tatooine, Luke is trying to clean up Artoo. An excited C-3P0 is seen staading behind them. What is he doing with that rag?
  • My Aunt Beru is a Ventriloquist
    Have you ever noticed that when Luke’s Aunt Beru speaks her lips aren’t in synch? George Lucas had her lines dubbed because the real Beru’s voice was “too deep”.
  • Drink problem
    Just after Ben and Luke bargain with Solo and Chewie for transport aboard the Falcon, the camera fixes on a pair of Stormtroopers walking their way. In the middle of the screen a “mousy” alien lifts a drink to his mouth. Unfortunately, he misses and hits his chin instead.
  • Greedo?
    By freezing the frames right before Han blasts Greedo to pieces in the Cantina, you see the actor who plays Greedo replaced by a really bad dummy that explodes. It’s thinner and taller than the actor, has a different jacket, and isn’t holding a gun!
  • Cardboard awards
    At the end of the film when our heroes (Ahem – their heroes ~Doc) receive their medallions, there are rebels on the extreme left and extreme right of the screen who don’t say much. They are all cardboard cut-outs.


  • Four seasons in one day
    During the outdoor scenes at the battle of Hoth, the weather miraculously changes from shot to shot As the battle progresses the sky is blue and cloudless, then clear with some clouds, then very grey and overcast.
  • Who left that bloody thing there?
    When Luke blows up the AT-AT, watch its rear left leg. Just before it falls, a stick pops up from the ground to send the entire thing crashing to the ground.
  • Spud missiles
    The special effects crew often placed little ‘inside jokes’ into the film that were too small to be seen in the final cuts. In the asteroid belt sequence – when Han rushes up to the cockpit of the Falcon – fans claim one of the asteroids is actually a potato.
  • See-you 3PO
    On Bespin, after C-3P0 has been dismembered and his parts are spread on the conveyor belt, Chewbacca enters the ‘junk’ room to collect his remains. In the close-up scene of Threepio on the conveyor belt, you can see the camera and several of the crew reflected in his head.
  • I’ve got one just like that!
    After Lando announces on the public address system that the city is under Imperial rule, chaos breaks out and people run everywhere. The man with a light brown tunic who runs by is carrying an ice-cream maker belonging to George Lucas.


  • ttuH eht abbaJ
    Just after Artoo plays Luke’s hologram at Jabba’s palace the film is actually running backwards. If you look closely you can see the smoke from Jabba’s pipe moving downwards and back into the pipe. The bubbles in his ‘bong’ are also moving downwards.
  • See what I mean?
    After Luke grabs the plank and jumps back onto the skiff, he flips in the air, and then grabs his lightsabre, which Artoo has shot over to him. Watch Han in the background. He is supposed to be blind after being frozen, but he seems to be following the action very closely.
  • Can you feel the force?
    During the scene when Leia gets shot outisde the Imperial bunker, she leans back, and Han rushes over to see if she’s alright. But while pushing Leia out of the line of fire, his hand accidently clutches her left breast. Oops!
  • Lando butts In
    Just after Chewie is taken away by the guards in Jabba’s palace we see Lando. Just before he pulls his mask down to show viewers who he is, he hits his head on the ceiling and his head jerks backwards.
  • Space walk
    An enduring legend of the Star Wars trilogy is said to happen somewhere in the space battle above Endor. Many have claimed that during the tedious shooting of the complex space battle, special effects jokers brightened up their day by secretly adding a rogue tennis shoe to the rebel fleet.

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