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The Death of Michael Sheard a.k.a. Admiral Ozzel

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Michael Sheard, better known as Admiral Ozzel from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back and also as Adolf Hitler five times in various movies, died Wednesday, August 31, 2005, in his home on the Isle of Wight just off of the southern coast of England, Europe, his agent reported. He was 65 years old.

His agent, Liz Hobbs, reported that the actor had been suffering from cancer for a while and it seemed as if he was not going to recover from the dreaded disease.

Sheard had appeared in over forty to close to fifty featured films and had worked closely with some very well-known actors, such as Lawrence Olivier, David Niven, Roger Moore, and Sean Connery.

He is also best known in Britain for his role as Mr. Maurice Bronson, a teacher who terrorizes his pupils in the long-running teenage soap “Grange Hill”.

Mr. Sheard is survived by his wife, Ros, and three children. The details of his funeral were not immediately available.

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