Aug 6

Navy Renovations Underway with the New Roster

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As the ever-changing Imperial Navy evolves, there is a need to keep the roster of the Vast Empire’s Navy as up-to-date as possible. However, this article isn’t about the addition of new recruits. It’s about the new Navy roster.

Admiral Japheth, the Naval Commander-in-Chief, has been spending most of his time updating the Naval roster by adding recruits, taking away AWOLed recruits, and adding new positions to the roster. But now, it has taken a giant step for Navy kind: the roster for the VE Navy has a completely new design.

In place of the older roster is a new one, more advanced than ever. Instead of saying something plain like “Kaph Squadron”, it has morphed into the more Imperial-like phrase “1st VE Star fighter Group: Kaph Squadron”, and so on and so forth for the other squadrons, thus making Nazgul “2nd VE Star fighter Group: Nazgul Squadron” and Aegis “3rd VE Star fighter Group: Aegis Squadron”.

Also, in addition to that, a flight school has opened up, stationed on board the Platform Saratoga. Similar to the Army’s Drill Squad, the Vast Imperial Flight School will help those new recruits just entering the Navy pass their exams and get a position in an actual squadron. Captain sk8guy is in charge of that.

As the roster additions change from the work of Admiral Japheth, the Navy once again receives a new “face” (see the first edition of the VE Today to see my article “The Face of the Ever-Changing Navy”) that inspires us all. Special thanks to Japheth for taking his time to improve the roster for all of us to see.

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