Jul 23

Programs Cut Short Due to Insufficient Funding and Workers

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The Vast Empire was recently updated on the development of certain Weapons and Vehicle projects. Due to the nearly insurmountable cost of these projects, the date for the delivery of the Tie Advanced fighter has been extended, once again. It has also been said that these projects require a large work force, and that’s something the VE has yet to gather. We have all heard of the Tie Advanced, and the supposed tasks it can accomplish, but we were promised that our Navy would be equipped with these “incredible” vehicles long ago, and that we should have been able to have our fleet operational by this time.

It seems that this is a repeated happening in our time, that constant promise of new weapons, and technology that are to better our military, and our entire civilization. The delayed delivery of the new fighters have further increased my suspicion about our current manufacturer, and the employees that are conducting this project. These recurring extensions and sometimes, termination of projects make you wonder what is really happening with these projects, and if something may be corrupt within the Empire.

Suspicion and doubt aside, the facts I received from the report sent to keep us up-to-date on the Tie Advanced research and development seemed promising. As you all may know, the company released a prototype and conducted a test flight a few months ago. That flight is what keeps fueling our want for the fighters, because the technology they hold can greatly improve the effectiveness of our Navy. The possibility of a rebel attack is very probable at this time, and our citizens, soldiers and officers rely on the Navy to defend the great reaches of space when the Army cannot do so.

This brings me to another point, and that is the arrival of Armor Piercing Blaster Rifles to equip active squads in the Army. These rifles are to be sent within 4 months or so, and should greatly prepare our troopers for battle against all enemies, both humanoid and machine. Armor piercing rounds have been available only to Special Operations in the past, but Army officials have felt the need to change that, due to the overwhelming success of those weapons on the battlefield. The expansive versatility of an Armor piercing round can destroy the tissue of an enemy soldier, and rip threw the plating of an enemy vehicle.

With that last thought in mind, lets hope the delivery of Armor piercing weapons aren’t delayed like the Tie Advanced fighters unfortunately were. These technology projects were created to better the Empire in every possible way, not to start thoughts of doubt floating around in our soldiers heads. Within months we should be a unstoppable force that will be able to decimate any enemy that may stand in our way if the appropriate deliveries are made. Let’s hope that happens…

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