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Star Wars Game Reviews

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Sure, it sounds great reading the reviews about new games on pc, ps2. You name it. To bad some of us don’t have that graphic card it requires or the money to buy it. I mean. Just downloading and playing the demos isn’t really that much of a thrill.

I was going to do an article about Republic Commando three but sadly they don’t sell the game here, and I can’t impost it at the moment. And just judging the game by an demo? But like I said, it just doesn’t come near the real thing.

But even playing and finding the demo is drag. And sometime or another your hands are just itching to swing a lightsaber at something. Yes, I know, it must be a real pathetic existence to live without the thrill of good games. Which is so in my case.

So, for those beginners and people who just need some good entertainment, why not ROMs? I mean if you have GameBoy, it proofs to be some use, especially on a plane.

And then yes, of course there are emulators, the perfect thing to entertain your self. Funny for gamers, a tad speck of thrill for the normal people that doesn’t spent their day in front of their pc. So, here is a nice review from me to those who simply love their ROMs.

S.W. Trilogy – Apprentice of the Force {Fourth Episode)

Hmm, since the last three episodes were made first it happened the same with the ROMs. The graphics isn’t that great. The coloring is plain with just the basic outline.

I enjoyed the game play overall. The commands was simple yet effective. It seems they concentrated more on the game play then graphics. You start as Luke Skywalker as a mere padawan. You play through the story line as you advance onto levels you advance on your force powers. The ending was a bit of is disappointment to me. Its too abrupt and I found my self-growing bored with the level. Even the fight with Darth Vader was a breeze…

Mark out of ten: 7

Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of The Sith

The graphics was good, better then Apprentice of the force. You had a lot more freedom and ground to cover. You can choose between Obi Wan Kenobi or Anakin. Guess whom I took? Anyway it follows the same storyline as the movie, though the battle scenes are much longer. I didn’t like it so much though. The controls didn’t have the reflexivity as Apprentice of the force. It was also by the fact how they drew characters faces when they talked. They spoiled his attitude and character a lot, especially with his graphics of his face. It didn’t make sense to me. The game was rather a bit of a disappointment to me.

Mark out of ten: 6

~Gaming Reporter Hellra, VE Today Staff
Rep|GameRep Hellra/GameRep: 2/Gaming Division/VET/VE

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