Jul 9

Empire at War Preview

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With this new RTS game from Lucas Arts, you might be wondering, what’s going to make this game better than other RTS and other Star Wars games? Well here is your answer:

1: There will only be two sides to this battle: The Galactic Empire, and the Rebel Alliance.

2: Empire at War will have a “persistent universe”, meaning you’re in control of the galaxy, and you shape it throughout the game. Also your troops stay with you for the entire game, until you lose them.

3: There will be over 40 planets to fight on, a bunch of units, heroes, etc, to choose from, and battles in space or land.

4: Empire at War will have an “open sandbox” style of play. That means there is no set mission line (ex: Mission 1, Mission 2, etc.) and you don’t have to finish all mission before beating the game.

5: The hero’s in the game will have different abilities, and they might affect your other troops or might help your economy, if stationed on a certain planets or in a space battle. Each hero contributes differently, and you can pick if you even want to use one in battle

My personal thoughts on this game are that it’s going to rock and I’m going to go buy it as soon as I can. If you look at the graphics and what the combat system is looking to be like, it’s going to be a great RTS game. I’m still a Galactic Battlegrounds player, so I like RTS games, but I think this game will attract other players.

Also EVERYONE that reads this article should check out the videos for this game, you will be in awe, I sure was. Please click here for the video.

Maybe with this game we can finally eradicate the rebel scum once and for all!

~Gaming Reporter Yillis, VE Today Staff
Rep|GameRep Yillis/GameRep: 6/Gaming Division/VET/VE

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