Jun 11

Pay Per Click – The Easy Way to Moneyland

If there was ever an easy way to make money, this would be it. The Pay Per Click (PPC) system might just be the best thing that has ever happened to the Vast Empire. Containing five links to RPG voting websites, the PPC does a good thing for both you and the VE. For you, it gives you a ton of IC’s (if you click on all five links in one time, you’ll get 2,100 IC’s) and for the VE, it attracts more members. If you follow the link through on each of the voting sites, you help promote the VE across the World-Wide Web, or, in our case, the Galaxy-Wide HoloNet.    Plus, there is another reward for clickers. If you have a total of 500 clicks, you’ll get 150,000 IC’s of Imperial Stock. If you get 1,000 clicks, you’ll get 300,000 IC’s worth of Imperitrade stock. For 2,000 clicks, you get 600,000 IC’s worth of stock. For the full list of stock prizes, please visit the PPC rewards list.

    Now, on to the Top 15 Clickers list. Due to the size of the list, I am only going to list the top 5 clickers. Tieing for fifth place, Jack Nebulax (myself) with 1,129 clicks, and chipmunk man with also 1,129 clicks. Coming in third with 1,475 clicks, is a great man: Cosmic. Second place, with 1,653 clicks, is the greatest man that we know: Grand Moff Kadann, and in first place, with an astounding 1,981 clicks, Willtconq, King of PPC. If you’d like to see the rest of the list, please visit the the PPC member stats page Also on that same link, you can view the top 15 IC earners. The Top IC earner list contains the same order of the top 5 clickers, with a slight variation with fourth and fifth place in which chipmunk man and myself switch places.

    Just remember, if you ever want to earn money the easy way and can’t wait for your next paycheck, it’s always good to check out the Pay Per Click system. Even if you’re a new recruit, check out the PPC to earn a few extra IC’s before you even get assigned. That sure beats robbing people, right? Just kidding. The PPC is the easiest way to Moneyland, or, in the Empire’s case, Muunilinst.

~ Reporter Jack Nebulax, VE Today Staff
Rep|Int/Rep Jack Nebulax/Rep: 4/Reporters-Interviewers/VE/VET

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