May 28

Vint’s Top Ten Star Wars Games

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Since 1982 Lucasarts has given us the best games any company could make. All the greats have been put into museums. And the memories will stay with us always of playing Jedi Knight online till four in the morning. Although I’m not a veteran gamer, I’ve taken a poll of many; and so goes there top ten StarWars games.

Top ten Lucasarts games:

10: Rebel Assault 2. Reason: Whoever has not played this game should go buy it. Classic shooting up Storm troopers! You got to love it.

9: Dark Forces. Reason: It started the Jedi Knight legacy and I think was the first 3d Lucasarts game. Oh yea, my brother threw up the first time he played on the sewer level.

8: Shadows Of The Empire. Reason: The best game StarWars for Nintendo64 released. It shows what happened in between “Empire” and “Jedi”.

7: Episode1: The Phantom Menace. Reason: If your favorite StarWars quote if from this game (“you better stand back, because I’m about to slash all my prices!”), and your most hated quote is too (“your stepping on my dress”), then you know why its on this list.

6: Battlefront and BattleFront2. Reason: This is a game you can play forever and never get bored of. Doomed to be a classic.

5: Masters Of Teras Kasi. Reason: If you like arcade fighting games, and StarWars, you may have a heart attack when you see this one.

4: Jedi Outcast. Reason: Two words: Kyle Katarn.

3: Knights Of The Old Republic 1 and 2 (possibly 3). Reason: Just look at the awards it got.

2: StarWars Galaxies: Though its early in its life compared to some other MMORPGs, Galaxies is already on the top ten worldwide. New missions everyday! The fun never ends.

1: Jedi Knight. Reason: I cant say enough about this game. First of all, it received the best game ever award by PCGamer magazine (later outdone by Half-life). It was the only game by Lucas Arts that was ahead of the pack. It brought the most famous StarWars video game character, Kyle Katarn, to life (he seemed a little dead in Dark Forces). It was the first time you could choose between light side and dark side, they even had an add on with Mara Jade rescuing Kyle from his evil ways. And one thing that used to amaze me was that they filmed real actors for the cut scenes. Pure genius! This is the first video game I ever remember playing, so if you don’t have this go get it as fast as you  can. Let me also add that online mode is awesome.

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