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January 21st, 2008 | Category: News,Star Wars Role Playing,VE Today

Navy High Command just moments ago have issued an arrest warrant for Kale Anon.This is the first such warrant since the Istivaan V incident.

Little is known about Kale Anon, other than that he is a high ranking mercenary among the pirate clans, and that he sells his services to the highest bidder. Strangely enough though, he has never worked with an Imperial employer, suggesting some old animosity towards us.

Information on his movements as of late is scare, however scattered reports placed him in the Xyouju system a few weeks ago, and other unofficial sources have put him on the planet Volek, a well known hideout for Pirates.

Rumours have also been circulating around the Government, suggesting that this warrant is connected to the supposed disappearance of Rear Admiral Riel Fury, the Naval Executive Officer.

Whilst it is true that the Admiral has not been seen in a few weeks, High Command refuses to comment on his whereabouts.

We will keep you up date on this mystery as more information come to light, but for now, we have supplied a copy of the warrant.

Wanted: Dead or Alive

From the Office of Fleet Admiral Japeth
Naval High Command

Name: Kale Anon
Species: Human
Known aliases: Kaan Leon, Kanon.

Description: When not using a disguise, it is believed that Kale is around 5’10, with cropped red hair, medium build, several facial tattoos, and his left hand is a prosthetic. He has Blue Eyes, with no facial hair.

Reasons: For acts of piracy against the Vast Empire and for the Murder of Vast Empire Citizens.

Details: This is an open contract, anyone may take it up, however no payment will made until confirmation. Payment will depend on the individual.

Upon Completion: Bring Kale, either dead or alive, directly to Tadath, where he will be handed over to VE Security.

The thanks of the Vast Empire High Command are with anyone who completes this task

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Return of the Xenophobes

Reports from Corellia have shown an increasing amount of activity in an ‘up-and-coming’ human supremacy movement. More and more disgruntled members of society are actively speaking out against many of the non-humans that live within Corellian space. Those of us who were more self-aware of the ‘glorious’ empire in which we used to inhabit would remember the Humano-centrism and ‘Human High Culture’ which permeated much of Imperial society.

Here at the VE, it’s hard to imagine an upper class elitist system, where non-humans were segregated and even discriminated against. Iconified as the “Non-HuMan” or nHm classification, this purist attitude started to die out after the death of Emperor Palpatine in 4 ABY. However, a group of individuals calling themselves the “Human League” are apparently trying to re-live this ideology.

With Corellia still reeling from the Battle of Tralus, and with the entire sector suffering from a post-empire slump, disgruntled individuals serve as excellent recruits for this charismatic and extreme movement. Who better to blame than the aliens?

This new move is bizarre as it is unwelcome. ‘nHm’ classifications also included females and droids, but the “Human league” seems to be more lenient with the former. The League also holds a deep hatred for the growing “New Republic”, and the self-appointed ‘Jedi’ Luke Skywalker. People who have come into contact with the League have speculated that this group is trying to iconify everything they thought the Empire stood for, as they seem to hero-worship Palpatine and Vader.

This is not to say that this group is Imperial friendly. Ignoring the fact that the VE does not condone racism or xenophobia of any kind, since the Human League at the moment is comprised mainly of Corellians, the fanatic isolationism that most Corellians secretly harbour is a key point to the League’s manifesto.

We here at VE Today have decided to issue a general warning to all citizens that frequent Corellian space. The resident Imperial government is friendly with the VE, and have said they will try and protect any visitors, but please, if for no-ones sake but ours, please be careful.

We will keep and eye on this troubling movement, and keep you up-to-date with the latest happenings.

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Incident aboard the ISD Supense

January 09th, 2008 | Category: News,Star Wars Role Playing,VE Today

Naval Command was put in a state of high alert yesterday when the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Suspense was damaged in what looked like an act of terrorism.

The Suspense had entered the Abrea system at approximately 10:00:00 local time, having just returned from a mission in the Rakata Prime area. Naval Command refused to comment on the nature of the Suspense’s mission, but it is believed that the destroyer had been trying to deal with the reported pirate activity in the area.

At approximately 10:45:00 local time, all contact with the Suspense was lost, and about 5 minutes later, an internal explosion ripped through the outer hull. Apparently fearing that the ship had been overrun by pirates, or worse, New Republic agents, high command dispatched elements from the local defensive fleet to surround the Suspense, and prevent it from heading any further into the system.

At 11:05:00 local time, the Victory-class Star Destroyer Desjani, along with two Dreadnoughts, the Scorpio and the Hercules, intercepted the Suspense just before it reached the orbit of Abrea. Firing across the bow, the Suspense was brought to a halt whilst a stormtrooper detachment from the Desjani was despatched to board the ship, and if necessary, take it back.

Once on board, the stormtrooper commander managed to track down the ships captain, Commander Shodon, and he was informed that the ship had not been overrun. With the situation resolved, the defence fleet retreated, and the Suspense on continued towards Abrea.

In an official statement later that day, naval high command revealed that the loss of communication was due to a simple malfunction due to ad-hoc repairs, and that the explosion was merely a ruptured power conduit. Naval XO Riel Fury commented that it was “Two simple coincidences that lead to some unnecessary and unfortunate panic.”

However, sources from within the crew of the Suspense have confirmed that after the mission, codenamed “Trojan Horse”, the Suspense had uncovered some mutineers, and were transferring them to Abrea for processing. He hinted that, whilst the loss of communication was a malfunction, the explosion was defiantly not a power conduit, and that it may have had something to do with the prisoners.

 The Suspense has since been into dry dock for repairs, and awaits redeployment. No further information regarding an alleged mutiny has turned up, and Naval Command refuses to comment on the subject.

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From the Frontlines: An overlook on contemporary war reporting.

Wars have always been commonplace in Galactic Society. From small tribal wars on undeveloped planets, too full scale engagements between empires, war is, and will probably always be, one of the few constants in the universe.

But how do we find out about them? How does a society find out about these things? Obviously there are Government announcements: friendly, reassuring statements saying everything is fine and that you’re not all going to die. Whilst these statements are about as useful as an angry wookie, they at least can guarantee that the populace are mildly aware as to whether or not they’re at war.

But what of the rest? What of the details? And how do people who don’t even care get told about these events that they are so busy not caring about? Enter the Journalist: a creature of such a rare breed, that their one single craving is information, details, events… The Journalist will strive to find out what happened, and tell you about it, whether you want to hear about it or not. Why? Probably because he or she has nothing better to do.

When it came to wars, Journalist would in days gone by simply sit on the sidelines, gleaning what information they could, and constructing a report over what they heard, or were told. Unfortunately, this still meant that the authorities were the main source of information. Whilst this would rate as slightly more useful than an angry wookie, it was still pretty poor, especially when an average Journalist could have found out more about the person they were interviewing, as opposed to the subject matter of the interview – If the public cared little for conflicts between foreign leaders, they would care even less for the detailed breakdown of sexual affairs conducted by said leaders.

Classic examples of how this style of reporting simply didn’t work can be seen from reports of the Clone Wars. Reports on the war were sporadic at best, especially when the military took over the Holonet News service in 22 BBY. Independent news networks on a galactic scale were still rare during these days, and so an overall view of the war was lacking. Some sector wide news agencies managed to get coverage, but only because it was their sector that the war was taking place in, and the coverage was mainly one sided. During a shoot of the popular talk show Coruscant Today, a guest on the show famously commented:

“Despite scouring the Holonet every day, listening to government updates, surfing the web and Vid shows, I have absolutely no clue how the war is going”

As time went one, there was a shift in attitudes towards war reporting, especially after the formation of the Galactic Empire. As atrocities such as the Great Jedi Purge and the Ghorman Massacre tried to go unnoticed, reporters were suddenly struck by a bad case of conscience. Did events really happen as Imperial Centre told us? What is the REAL story? Reporters from around the galaxy started hunting down the truth, and when the Declaration of Rebellion was realised in 1 BBY, reporters suddenly realised that there was a different side to the story. News corporations such as the newly formed Galactic Press were becoming fed up with the propaganda machine, and started to find ways to get independent reports, especially when it came to wars. And so led to the rise of the ‘Frontline’ reporter.

Frontline reporting went through serious growing pains in the early years. Skirmishes with the Rebellion were kept on the quiet-side as much as possible, so that not too much attention was drawn to their cause. Reporters who did manage to work up more objective works had their work stamped out, or simply refused distribution. A lot of reporters died during the fights, especially in later years as the Empire got more and more forceful. However, Journalists were given a break with the defeat of the empire at the battle of Endor. As the Imperium disintegrated, and the Rebels became more prominent, Journalists were given more of a free reign. The biggest break through in war reporting was with Zahn Sim, and his report of the ‘New Republics’ liberation of Courascant in 7 ABY. From start to finish, Zahn was there, giving a blow by blow account of the liberation. Once NR forces touched down on the surface, Zahn went all over the place, reporting as he went. His reports are generally considered one of the best pieces of Journalism in history.

A couple of years on, and Journalism is generally considered to be on a high. Reporters are going from place to place, tagging along with one army or another, and constructing comprehensive reports. News company owners predict a shift in how reporters are employed, moving from a more company ethic to more freelancing. HoloNet and Galactic Press bosses have especially commented that they tend to ‘hire’ people who are on or near the conflict, rather then send someone out.

What does the future hold? Who knows. Here at VE Today, the ethic is that all of our information is first hand. Many of our reporters were there during the Third Outer Rim War, telling a tale that needed to be told, and I hope that they will continue serving the people in such a selfless and courageous way.

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VE Today – Why Did You Join?

October 06th, 2007 | Category: News,VE Today

– What is the VE Today?

– What does the VE Today mean to you?

– What does the VE Today mean to others?

These questions, and a few others, have been given to your VE Today authors so you, the Vast Empire, may see the personality behind the articles… perhaps put a soul behind the chunks of text you see on a weekly basis.

The questions I asked were the following:

1. Why did you want to join the VE Today?

2. What personal qualities do you have that you believe can benefit the VET?

3. Were there any inspirational individuals that provoked your interest in becoming an article writer?

4. Do you plan to write articles weekly, bi-weekly, or just whenever you get around to it?

5. For those thinking about joining the VET Team, what advice would you give?

6. Do you plan to participate in any of the other VET activities? (Web/Graphics design, etc.)

7. What suggestions do you have that you believe may benefit the VET?

8. What did you eat for breakfast?

Max Fagron

1. I would like to join the VET to write lighter material, to get a break from day to day squadron writing and to make readers laugh.

2. I think that my writing skill may help the VET and I hope that my strange sense of humor will make people laugh.

3. I think Riqimo (Doc) inspired me wih his funny articles and made me want to write the same.

4. I plan to write at leat once a week, and more if possible.

5. I would say:

“Be funny, be thoughtful, be cool and be a damn good writer!”

6. I’m not sure if my system would support graphics design, but if i can participate in it or anything else of the kind, I will give my utmost.

7. I believe that more comic relief stories would give the VEt a friendlier air, and a story every week about each squad/squadron’s Story Post Site( a sort of “News on the March” sorta thing) and its progress would raise awareness about the big picture of the VE as a whole(especially during stories like Phase II).

8. Weetabix


1. To relieve my boredom…. and i have been searching for a place to write about various star wars topics for some time now.

2. My writing skills, as well as an advisor to any real life situations. However I do not reccomend growing close to me 😛 hah, joking

3. Not really, only myself.

4. Once i find a proper subject to speak upon, weekly at the least.

5. Be sure you are ready to commit to the writing. Do not join to just get credits, you should write articles because you WANT to.

6. If they need my skills, yes I will help with what is within my capacity.

7. I do not know the system perfectly well yet, So i have no advice at this time.

8. I do not eat breakfast. It is a meal for the weak.


1. Clever ideas that didn’t have much use elsewhere.

2. All the little things that make me Snipes.

3. Me? Maybe H.S.T, he was quite the journalist.

4. On my own illogical and unknowable schedule

5. Wait for me to dissapear.

6. Who knows.

7. Haven’t been here long enough to have any idea.

8. Green eggs and ham, Sam I Am.

Kanderin Draken

1. Although I like it a little less than storywriting, formal/informal articles are what I’m probably best at writing. Plus I’ve had a lot of free time on my hands, the VET means I always have at least one thing to do.

2. I can get on well with most people, I’m not afraid of working hard, and I’m a decent writer.

3. I’m not sure how big they are over there, but the ‘Kerrang!’ magazine, surprisingly, has some awesome writers. They’re articles are genuinely funny, and the first time I picked up the magazine I was surprised at just how talented they were. It’s what I am for in my writing, a well written piece which makes people laugh.

4.Whenever I get around to it. Some days I have no time whatsoever, some days I have four or five hours free. I’ll do as much as I can.

5. Keep an eye on the comnet. Say if your writing something about a new squad, you should think about the people you want opinions from. If its a Wildcard Squad, Rizzit would probably be the best person for a comment. For the training purposes, probably Cosmic. Don’t run it all on your own opinion basically, make sure you get a range of people’s views.

6. I’m not a very good artist, so I wont be on the designing side. I am learning to code though, so the web might be an option in the time to come.

7. Genuine ranks might go down well. For example, you already have your ‘(VE-Army) Corporal’ tag underneath your avatar, maybe you could add a VET version. It makes the role more distinguishable, which makes it more attractive in turn.

Ranks? Umm…
Coffee boy/girl
Junior Reporter
Senior Reporter
(That took me about twenty seconds to think up, its far from what I’d really consider. Just an example really.)

8. I skipped breakfast this morning. I got up late and had to rush out of the house for college. Nah actually, thats an excuse. Even if I was up on time, I normally skip breakfast. So sue me :p.


1. I like to write, and this will give me a chance to jump outside the story writing that we usually do.

2. Good writer(for a public high school student).

3. Karl Marx, George Orwell.

4. Weekly, once I get my internet working.

5. Have a good grasp on essay writing.

6. Graphics design.

7. Have articals presented through a newsletter.

8. Reheated day old domino’s pizza sold at school for lunch.


1. I joined in my sleep it would seem, so my motives are unknown to me. I do enjoy writing and something other than Squad Stories would be a nice change.

2. I’ve been told that when I write, I’ve got a very distinct voice. It’s hard for me to use that voice in Squad Stories (who knows why), but I imagine in article writing it will be easier.

3. Uhh, I’m not to familiar with famous article writers. However, the late Kurt Vonnegut Jr. is source of inspiration for all my writing.

4. We shall see how things go, but It will probably be when I get around to it. Unless I get some awesome idea for a weekly/bi-weekly thing.

5. Speaking English is definitely an asset.

6. I don’t have any graphic designing software. If there are any free ones you know of I’d be willing to get into the long self-teaching process. Graphic designing is always something I wished I could do.

7. None at the time.

8. Ooo, caught me on a good breakfast day. Hash-browns, Eggs and Advil.


1. To be able to write articles for the VE

2. Major Gaming and Technology, expect to see some articles on that stuff from time to time.

3. IDK 0.o

4. Mostly whenever i can get around to it

5. Be creative, creativity goes along way to making a great article.

6. 0.o Other VET activities, hmm…. probably

7. Add the VET to Imperial Trade :p

8. Bagles and Mountain Dew


Thanks to those that joined the VE Today, participated in this questionnaire, and to those who will join the VE Today in the future.

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Stocks for Dummies

July 16th, 2007 | Category: New Recruit Tips,News,Stock Tips,VE Today

Simply put, I usually stay away from those that requires a certain hold time period, in case there was any sudden drops in prices, it won’t hurt me a lot. But occasionally, it would be smart to buy certain division stocks such as navy or army when you know that there’s going to be a period of high activity coming up, i.e.: ESC. Those are almost guarantees that the prices will go up. But when those times come around, those stocks go fast, so you gotta buy fast, else they’re gone before you know it. Another thing i watch out for is the actual prices when I buy them. I try not to buy anything that’s over 100 ICs, unless there’s a good reason for me to. Much less ones over 200. There are very little growth on those stocks that are that high. The idea is to buy them when they’re low and then sell when they’re high. The Quotes section provides very good information to how the stock has been doing in the past. If a certain stock has always been high, and it suddenly starts dropping, then that would be a good time to start watching it, and once it flats out, that would be the time to buy it. I would usually give a stock a week or so to make sure that it actually does flat out instead of keep dropping after a couple of days. The same goes for when to sell the stocks. Given that it’s a 0 hold time stock, it’s a good time to sell it when it flats out for more than at least a week.


But that only goes if the price is based upon activity. As you all know, another way the prices change is based upon the number of shares in circulation. The more people buy, the higher it goes, and the more people sell, the lower it drops. And that greatly changes when people with a large number of shares buy and sell stocks. For example, Kadann, Talon, Fury, or Japheth, these four hold the most shares in some stocks. When they buy or sell, you can usually tell. They are the ones that are buying or selling millions of shares at once. And once they do, then it would usually be a good time to follow. When they sell, it would probably be a good time for you to sell as well, given that you hold the same stock and are sellable. Same goes for when they buy, it’s a good time for you to buy. Because the prices on the stocks are bound to change when that many number of shares are sold/bought. But how do you tell when they’ve bought a stock or sold? You look to the Quotes section. When you see that the number of shares for sale is more than the number of shares in question, then those were sold, if there’s less, then they were bought. And even if you don’t catch up to that, the prices will probably change within a day, or at least by the end of the day. But even if they do sell a large number, it’s usually a good idea to hold it for at least half a day or so. From my experience, stock prices tend to go up a bit, even if shares were sold, solely from the influx of activity of the stock.

And if all else fails, do PPC. It is what provided as the financial base for me. By the time the new Imperitrade was opened, I only had less than 3 million ICs. I was able to use that to climb to 5, 8, 10, 15, 20 million, and later onto 30, 40, and now, over 60 millions total.

What contributed greatly to that was back when the stocks first started, they started low, usually around the 20’s and 30’s in price, and have climbed to over 100 in some. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen all the time anymore. So you’ll just have to go with the lowest ones possible sometimes, which is around 50 or 60 ICs.

In conclusion:

  1. Stick with 0 hold time stocks.*
  2. Buy low, no higher than 100ICs in stock price.*
  3. Sell/buy when the stocks have flattened out. See quotes for info.
  4. Look out for big sale changes.
  5. Last but not least, be smart, think for yourself. I’m not the greatest stock broker, so my experience may not be the most money productive.

*Unless given a good reason to act against those two basic principles.

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VE Today Goes Public on the VE Main Page

November 28th, 2006 | Category: VE Today

The VE Today has agreed to allow the Vast Empire main page to syndicate it’s web content. This will bring more exposure to the VE Today and hopefully bring a larger reader base.

The VE Today will only show up to three of the most recent news stories on the VE main page. This will still allow for the VE to publicize it’s own news on the VE main page.

The VE Today is still accepting new members for it’s news services.  Just like our motto says: “When News Breaks, We Duct Tape it Back Together”.

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